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What's The Best Way To Reheat My Blaze Pizza?
Please, please, please step away from the microwave! For best results, place a cookie sheet in your oven and preheat to 425 degrees. Remove your pizza from its box and place it in the oven on the preheated cookie sheet. Bake just until cheese melts (about 2-3 minutes). Enjoy!
Do you deliver?
Depends how you define deliver. We really hope we deliver on all of your wildest expectations. We just don’t currently deliver outside the store. If you really don’t have time to sit down and stay for a while, for now your best bet is to order online.
How can I work here?
We’d love to talk to you. The best way is to go to the locations page on this website, and send an email & resume directly to the restaurant you’re interested in joining. If the location you would like to apply to doesn't have an email address available, please send your resume and preferred location to info@blazepizza.com to be forwarded to the franchise owner for consideration.
What’s up with the eco-packaging?
Glad you asked. The team at Blaze is committed to doing what we can to be ecologically responsible, and the restaurant has gone to great lengths to see that almost all of its packaging is made in the USA from post-consumer recycled and/or sustainable materials. Forks, knives, cups, lids – even those cute little containers that hold the salad dressing – were specifically chosen because they left a smaller footprint than most other available choices.
Where can I find your nutritional information?
With so many pizza combinations possible, it’s tough to give full nutritionals on each pie. We do know that each pizza is built on a 384 calorie crust. With six slices per pie, that’s just 64 calories per slice before toppings.
How gluten-free is it?
If you are simply looking to reduce the amount of gluten in your diet and don’t want to give up on pizza, we offer a delicious gluten free crust option, made in-house daily from European non-GMO gluten-free ingredients. Please be aware that our folks work with wheat-based flour and pizza dough all day long, and we use the same oven and dough press for both gluten-free and standard dough, so there is a good chance of some cross-contact in our restaurants. If you would like us to change our gloves or use a separate pizza cutter, we would be happy to do that at your request. If you are celiac or highly sensitive to gluten, we encourage you to carefully consider your dining choices.
I am a vegan. What can I eat?
Lots! Our traditional pizza crust is made simply from filtered water, unbleached flour, extra-virgin olive oil, salt and a touch of sugar. (Our gluten-free dough is also vegan). We offer a vegan cheese option (soy-free), and, of course, none of our vegetable toppings contain any meat, egg or dairy products. If ordering a salad, please be aware that our house Italian Dressing, Balsamic Glaze and Caesar Dressing all contain dairy. Stick to the olive oil and vinegar, and you can rest assured that the only mammalian contact your food will have is from our loyal employees. You’ll have to skip dessert, as our S’more Pie graham cookie and milk chocolate contain dairy, and the fire-roasted marshmallow contains gelatin.
I can only have pasteurized dairy. Can I eat your cheese?
Our cheeses are all pasteurized, so go get cheesy with it!
Are there any nuts on your pizza assembly line?
Only a few of our favorite employees. None of our pizzas have ingredients containing peanuts or tree nuts. We do garnish our Beet and Goat Cheese salad with toasted almonds, so this nut is one we do have in house.
Where do I ask about in-restaurant fundraisers?
We’d love to help! The best way to learn more is to go to the store locations page on this website, and send an inquiry email directly to the store you’re interested in working with.
Can I start a franchise or be involved in owning a restaurant in any way?
So, you think you might want to “start a fire”? To learn more, please visit our franchising page. You can complete an inquiry form there, and we’ll be in touch.
Where can I buy gift cards?
Happiness is a loaded gift card – and they’re available at all of our restaurants. Your friends will love the gift of fire.
Where can I find out about new restaurants in my area?
You gotta get social. Like us on Facebook at facebook.com/blazepizza or follow us on Twitter@blazepizza. We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop.
When are you open?
To check hours for your favorite location, use our locations link above. Please be aware that some stores may close on major holidays, so if you have any questions, be sure to contact your store directly.
Where are you located?
Need an address for the GPS? Check out our store locations page to find a map and complete address & phone information for your favorite store.
Do you cater?
Sorry, but we don’t currently have a good way to get that really big, really hot oven to the party. Your best bet is to order online, and take our pizzas to go. Trust us, your guests will love you.
How hot is that fire?
Our oven dome temperature can reach upward of 900F, while the floor temperature typically ranges from 600F to 800F. It’s skilled work -- and each pizzasmith manning our ovens is specially trained in how to properly rotate pizzas through these different heat zones. They may make it look easy, but “fast-fire’d” crust takes a lot of know-how.